Monday, 18 July 2011

Girls Weekend

Last weekend I had enjoyed my annual Girly Weekend where my lovely ladies and I take advantage of the men clearing off to Silverstone for 3 days. We headed into town starting at Simple for food, yum, then to Hula Bar for flaming cocktails, finishing at Noho for shots and dancing...lots of dancing!

I had decided my friends were probably cupcaked out so I made a yummy cake instead for them to enjoy. It was baked and decorated in the girls fav colours on Thursday evening ready for the weekend and if I do say so myself it was very pretty! I popped out for a few last minute bits and bobs and while out received a text from my hubby complimenting me on how fantastic my cake was which I thought was very sweet of him. I arrived home some time later ready to hear more praise about my cake, I whipped of the box lid and to my horror a wedge had disappeared from it. It would seem that my husbands compliments were for how the cake tasted rather than how it looked! I was gutted but my girlies thought it was hilarious and the cake was enjoyed by all!

 Flaming cocktails at Hula Bar

 My attempt at getting a shot that looked like a complete cake!

The missing wedge!

Busy, busy, busy!

Well folks I haven't posted on here for quite a while as I have been so busy. Other than my cupcake baking I am now venturing into the exciting world of cake decorating which I am loving!! I am still teaching my Cupcake Decorating Class, the next one is tomorrow night so there will be more photos of my students wonderful creations coming soon. I also have lots more photos of cupcakes, cakes and a great social event which I recently took part in to upload so stay tuned!